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Costa Rica is blessed with some of the most beautiful natural hot springs, mostly near volcanoes. Unlike many hot springs, Costa Rica's hot springs don't contain significant amount of sulfa so it doesn't have the smell and the taste of sulfa, but rather a natural sweet water taste.  There are some very basic and natural hot springs which are open to public, and many times needs hiking to reach. there are also many private resorts, some are very expensive and luxuries like Tabacon in Arenal volcano  


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List of hot springs in Costa Rica

Tabacon, La fortuna, Arenal
Baldi, La fortuna, Arenal
Termales del bosque , ciudad casada
Termomania, La foryuna de Bagacas
El Tucan, La foryuna de Bagacas
Blue river estate (still in building process), Dos rios, rincon del Viaje
Quepos hot springs (still in building process)
Natural places:
rivers near tabacon resort have some free hot springs.
Near Chiripu mountain there is a small nice hot spring with minimal entrance fee. You need to hike from the road to get there.
There is a small hot spring in Cartago, central valley
This list is partial, we are working to collect data for a full list

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Aguas termales en costa rica: Costa rica tiene muchas nacimientos naturales de aguas termales,     

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